Charles "xtrium" Riffaud-Declercq

Graphics developer by day, demoscene activist by night


I'm an active member of the demoscene subculture, where I'm a coder and musician for LNX known as xtrium.

We have made numerous demos - that is, non-interactive, realtime applications, in the tech demo sense - that can be found on our Demozoo page. Some of these demos have received prizes in competitions that took place in demoparties all over Europe.

We at LNX are developing our own in-house engine, codenamed Eternal Engine, since December 2014. It is developed with modularity and ease of porting in mind, and sports the following features :

Below is a selection of a few noteworthy demos that we made, along with their specific features.


Showcased at Function 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. Ranked 1st.


Showcased at Riverwash 2017 in Katowice, Poland. Ranked 2nd.


Showcased at Revision 2017 in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Light City

Made in about a week and ranked 1st in the 2D Demo compo at Revision 2016 in Saarbrücken, Germany.


Made in two days and ranked 2nd in the PC Demo compo at VIP 2015 in Thoissey, France.


Made in two days and ranked 1st in the PC Demo compo at VIP 2014 in Thoissey, France.

We Are

Ranked 1st in the PC Demo compo at the Ultimate Meeting in Griesheim, Germany.


Programming-wise, I love to try new things. I've done some 65xx ASM on NES and C64, a bit of m68k asm on the Amiga and quite a bit more on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. I tried my hands on the Wii (using devKitPro). I even went as far as to make a realtime software synthesizer in x86 asm using the FPU instruction set, that fits in about 1.5 kilobyte.

But the (non-PC) platform I love coding on the most is the PSP (using devKitPSP). I went as far has being able to fly through a fully lighted (static) scene with (animated) parametric surfaces in it, along a predefined spline. A small demo, to put it simply :)
I also made a music mixing software called PSDJ that I use when playing music live (whether on a stage or on a livestream), which will be uploaded to GitHub once I'm satisfied with the state of the source code.


I'm also a musician, known as xtrium too. I love getting the most out of my trusty old gameboys making chiptune, as well as composing in a more classic way on a computer.